Client Testimonials

Here is what our clients have to say...

I feel the reason I was awarded  my  benefits so quickly is  because of the reputation of Karen Kraus Bill. Her knowledge and  that of her staff are held
in the highest regard by the Social Secuirty System.

Sidney T. Cardwell
Your whole staff is very caring and helpful! You would be my one and only recommendation to anyone.

Tiger Rotengurger
I felt we could talk to you about anything and ask questions on  anything. You are a great company, we felt confident  with you! Keep doing what you are doing. You and your staff do a great job!

Brent Cochran
I was so surprised that my application for disability was accepted much more quickly and easily than I ever expected. Thanks  to you and your staff for helping me to apply for disability. Because of the excellent job you have done I would highly recommend you to anyone!

I was told by one attorney that I didn't have a case. The second attorney said it would take two years. You did it
 in 3-4 months!

Awesome, wonderful  service. Even if we had not won the appeal, we would feel very satissfied that you and your staff
did all you could and more.

I wish there were more people in the world like you gals.

Robert Driskill

Navigating through the process of approval with Social Security Disability  would have  been  impossible  without  you and your excellent  staff's   help.  It  apparently is not  feasible  to  gain approval without legal help, and I was very fortunate to have the best  legal  help  available. Many,  many  thanks to you and your staff for enabling me to gain Disability approval, as this will allow me to go forward with my life with the monetary means to do so.

Robert G. Smith
Very nice people; wonderful to work with. True experts. Everyone  was  so  nice, when we  were having a lot of stress in our lives.

Anthony D. Byram
The Firm provided immeasureable "peace of mind" and quality legal guidance.

William L. Duncan
You guys are friendly and helpful. You keep people hopeful but don't  give false hope either. Y'all are just awesome!

Carlotte M. Reeves-Gladbach
I appreciate your diligence, I would have given up on my own. We've accomplished so much with our back-pay benefits and put back some savings!

Ventura Evans
Your firm treated me as a friend, not a client.  I am very pleased and have bragged about your firm to everyone I know.  I have only good things to say about your firm.

Shannon L. Raef
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Carl L. Hunsicker