Meet Our Team

     Karen Kraus Bill



Karen Kraus Bill has practiced Social Security Disability law since 1985.  She has been a resident of Missouri her entire life and has lived in the central Missouri area for over 35 years.   Karen and her husband have raised five children, including her oldest daughter Stessie, the second attorney to ever work at the Law Offices of Karen Kraus Bill.  Karen's knowledge of the law, hard work ethic, and reputation among the Social Security Administration has led her to be an extremely successful lawyer.  Her honesty, experience, and friendliness has made her one of the leading attorneys in the area. Professional Attorney Bio

     Stessie A. Millner



Stessie first worked at the Law Offices of Karen Kraus Bill during High School and College.  After graduating from Drake University, she moved back to the area and worked as a legal assistant for the firm.  She then decided to pursue a legal degree at Saint Louis University School of Law.  During law school Stessie was president of the Women's Law School Association, a representative in the Student Bar Association, and she received a Health Care Certificate.  She now works at both a Social Security law firm in Saint Louis and the Law Offices of Karen Kraus Bill.  Stessie is known as a hard working attorney who is extremely diligent and well liked.      Professional Attorney Bio


     Legal Assistant


Cindy has 30 years of experience working in legal and customer service fields.  Having joined the Law Offices of Karen Kraus Bill in 2004, she has worked with clients through all phases of the claim process from the initial denial through appealing with the U.S. District Courts. She is responsible for various tasks dedicated to the preparation of hearings including meeting with clients, gathering the information necessary to develop each case, as well as providing information to assure client's peace of mind. Cindy's genuine concern for the success of each claim is a true asset to our firm.


     Legal Assistant & Medical Coordinator


Karla has worked with the public for nearly 20 years. She obtains and processes medical records and physician opinion reports.  Karla has become very familiar with the many doctors in Central Missouri.  Having a complete file is important to the successful outcome of a claim, and Karla works meticulously to make sure all information is correctly submitted. Through experience at the Law Offices of Karen Kraus Bill she has learned the many different aspects of the Social Security Disability process. Karla keeps the office organized, attorneys prepared, and clients informed.


     Legal Assistant & Intake Specialist


Marit has over 10 years of customer service working with the public.  She assists clients with filing initial applications in the office or over the phone to ensure the application is filed as accurately as possible. She gathers all pertinent information necessary for filing an initial disability claim or appealing a denial.  She monitors all activity between the client, Social Security Offices, and the Law Offices of Karen Kraus Bill.  Marits's close communication and positive attitude with our newest clients demonstrates her dedication to making the filing process as simple and stress-free as possible.


     Office Manager


Audrey has been involved with the Law Offices of Karen Kraus Bill for several years. She received her B.A. in Entrepreneurship from Bradley University and minored in Marketing. Audrey plays a key role in the development, growth, and management of firm activities.  As Office Manager, she is responsible for coordinating office operations and procedures. Audrey does her best to ensure organization and efficiency to help the office run smoothly.